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Communicate Media Training

We’re a niche media training, presentation training and crisis communications training consultancy. Based in London, we’ve been working across the UK and around the world since 1994. For more information call +44 (0)800 1777080

Effective Bespoke
Media Training

Because we’re more agile and flexible than the larger media training companies we’re able to meet the exact needs of our clients.

The person you speak to, for instance, is the same person who develops and delivers your training. Our lower overheads also enable us to keep costs down. We use experienced, highly qualified media trainer/journalists working under strict confidentiality agreements to give participants realistic media interviews followed by detailed, constructive feedback. We’ve helped hundreds of organisations and individuals around the world since 1994 and we’d be very interested in working with you.

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Media Training Courses

We’ll create a media training course or other professional communications workshop to meet your exact needs
Media Training

How to get your message across and control a media interview. We'll teach you how to engage with the journalist and make the most of this important opportunity while reducing your risk.

Crisis communications

We’ll work with you to create a believable, relevant crisis scenario and then use it to test your spokespeople and your systems. As with all our training courses, the exercises are followed by detailed feedback on how your teams preformed and recommendations for further action.

Refresher Media Training

An intensive refresher for those who already have media experience. Remind yourself of the basics, practice the skills and update your techniques.

Investor Relations and Analyst Briefings

Our intensive courses, created to meet your exact needs, will hellp you to engage and persuade investors and the financial markets. Ideal for both PLCs and start-ups.

Intensive Opinion Formers Training Course

These intensive workshops have been developed for the leaders of organisations and businesses who want to raise their profile and influence the debate.

Conference Media Training Workshop

A flexible media training drop-in clinic for your conference attendees. We set up shop at your conference venue and offer role play interviews and media advice to your delegates.

Presentation Courses

Presentation Skills

Grab the attention of your audience with compelling content and dynamic delivery.

Investor Relations Presentations and Analysts Briefing

All you need to persuade your audience whether you’re the finance director of a PLC or a start up looking for funding.

Public Affairs Training

Speak convincingly and with authority to MPs, councillors, civil servants and public bodies.

Public Meetings Training

Practical advice on how to manage town hall meetings and achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Other Communications Training Courses

Business Writing

Our courses, developed by our professional writers to meet your exact needs provide a tool bag of useful technique for business writing, whether it’s internal communications, reports or content in-house magazines.

Organisational Story Telling

We'll help you to identify and tell the best stories about your organisation to engage and motivate staff, impress customers and gain traction with investors.

Public Relations Training

Practical, results orientated and full of ideas, our bespoke courses, are perfect for PR people, Comms teams and those who are looking to get more publicity for their organisations.


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