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Media Training for Creative Directors and Fashion Designers

There are more opportunities than ever for creatives in the fashion industry to speak to the media. Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing an increasing demand for our Media Training for creative directors and fashion designers. We work with a growing number of fashion, PR and fashion label press offices to provide their senior teams with [...]

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What Are The Benefits of Media Training?

At Communicate Media, we provide media training courses for the clients of a wide range of public relations agencies. We also work with the in-house media relations teams of retailers, tech firms, law firms, fashion brands, travel companies and climate change organisations, among others. One question that frequently comes up when we talk to public [...]

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Why a Journalist Might ask a Personal Question During an Interview

- And how to handle it if they do... In our media training courses, we conduct role-play media interviews with the participants before giving them feedback and recommendations. These media interviews are realistic because all our media trainers are working journalists operating under strict NDA. This means that we'll ask the questions that journalists will [...]

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How did the Deputy Director of the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service Perform on the Today Programme?

In a few weeks, world leaders will gather for the next COP meeting. For many years, we’ve been providing media training for climate change scientists, climate change campaigners and investment houses who are conscious of climate change as an issue. Dr Samantha Burgess, Deputy Director of the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, appeared on the [...]

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Boohoo’s Crisis: The Consequences of a Panorama Investigation

As the leading supplier of media training and crisis communications training to fashion brands and clothing manufacturers, we were interested to watch Panorama’s exposure to the working practices of Boohoo. We provide media interview coaching for a large number of fashion brands ranging from luxury houses to well-known high-street labels. We do our best to [...]

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Media Training Advice for Tech Firms

As specialists in media training for tech firms, we’ve been following closely events at the AI Safety Summit hosted by the British government. The so-called Bletchley declaration on the first day of the summit has prompted major media coverage. At Communicate Media, we provide media training courses for tech company executives, working closely with their [...]

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Media Training Tips for Lawyers Going to do Radio Interviews

As we explain in our Media Training courses for lawyers, radio programmes and podcasts offer lawyers significant opportunities to promote themselves and their firms and to acquire new business. News and current affairs programs are constantly on the lookout for interviewees and contributors who can keep their audiences up-to-date with new developments in their sectors, [...]

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Palantir and the NHS – what tech company comms people can learn from his interview on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg

As the leading provider of Media Training for technology firms, we were really interested to watch Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir Technologies, on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg yesterday morning. We don't know what kind of deal was negotiated between his public relations team and the program for his appearance, but we imagine that he would [...]

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How Understanding Your Own Personal Narrative Can Help With Media Interviews and Presentations

In our media training courses for CEOs and presentation courses for business leaders, as well as looking at issues such as defining their key messages and identifying relevant examples and stories, we’ll also explore their personal narratives. We’ll often spend some time interviewing them as if we were writing a profile article. As all of [...]

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What does off-the-record mean? – Media Training Advice

Very often, during our Media Training courses, at some point, we will have a discussion about the phrase “off the record”. It often starts during the role-play press interviews when our media trainer/journalists put course participants through a realistic but entirely confidential role-play press interview. Since all of our trainers are working journalists, they know [...]

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