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5 ways you can help your law firm improve media coverage

As the specialist Media Training consultancy for law firms, we work extensively with the PR agencies and in-house communications teams of a wide variety of magic circle, silver circle and other legal firms. One of the issues that often comes up in our Media Training courses for lawyers is how they can work more closely [...]

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Why did Neil Parish MP resign?

There aren’t many people who have handled a crisis worse than Neil Parish; the Conservative MP caught watching pornography in the House of Commons. In our Media Training and crisis communications training courses, we’ve been discussing this sorry tale and asking what it means for those in corporate communications who find themselves managing crises and [...]

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The Queen, Prince Harry, two ponies and the Media

Two royal family members made the headlines this week but for very different reasons. For those interested in corporate communications and media interview skills, the very different approaches to interacting with the press of the Queen and her grandson, Prince Harry, offer some interesting lessons. For somebody who never does interviews, the Queen is a [...]

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Ensuring that your Organisation is Cohesive when Communicating with the Media

Ensuring that your organisation is cohesive when communicating with the media is particularly important, and it’s something that we look at carefully when we work with PR companies and in-house communication teams during our Media Training courses. The risk is that if you have various people doing media interviews and communicating with journalists, they might [...]

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Stormy Weather – What the P&O row tells us about Media Training and Corporate Communications

P&O is making the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment. Almost every company has to rationalise its operations or make redundancies once in a while, and these difficult decisions can not only be painful for those directly affected by them but can also damage the reputation of the organisation itself. We frequently [...]

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Russian Oligarchs and the Russian/Ukraine War: From a Journalists view.

As the Ukraine tragedy unfolds here in the UK, there’s been considerable discussion about what action should be taken against the Russian oligarchs who live in the country. From a media training perspective, this is quite an interesting angle on a story that, quite understandably, is dominating the news. Why is the oligarch element of [...]

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Winning the war of words – Volodymyr Zelensky.

When he gave up a successful career as an actor playing the president of his country to become… the president of his country, Volodymyr Zelensky could probably not believe that his life could become more unusual. And yet now he finds himself one of the key actors in the largest armed conflict in Europe since [...]

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Prince Andrew’s Story – A Journalists point of view.

Prince Andrew’s out of court settlement has grabbed the headlines this morning. Journalists worldwide, but especially in Britain, will be not just reporting on what has happened but will be asking about what this means for the Prince. They will want to know what it tells us about how women who have been abused are [...]

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What Mistakes do Lawyers make during Media Interviews?

As the leading specialist Media Training provider for law firms, we often discuss what lawyers should and should not do when talking to journalists in our Media Training courses. We keep our media coaching sessions positive and upbeat; however, as you know, it’s often easy to learn by exploring mistakes and then looking at how [...]

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The Schonbach Scandal – Why the Vice Admiral has had to step down.

Another leader falls for the “I-didn’t-know-that-my-comments-were-going-to-be-made-public” trap. This week the leader of another organisation fell victim to the “I-didn’t-know-that-my-comments-were-going-to-be-made-public” trap. We often discuss it in our media training courses, especially when talking about live microphones and overheard comments. This time, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach, head of the German navy, was forced to resign from his [...]

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