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Simon has 25 years’ experience in communications training and development. He is a media interview and presentation coach, as well as teaching both presentation writing and delivery.

Why journalists like bad news – and how you can benefit from this

It’s a question we’re often asked during our media training courses when we look at how journalists work and what makes a story. We hand out some newspapers (remember those) and ask the participants to flick through them and think about what they’ve heard on the radio, seen on television or picked up from their [...]

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In Praise of Jargon

OK, I’m being deliberately controversial there with my headline but when is it OK to use jargon in a media interview? We often find our journalists having this discussion with participants at the start of our Media Training Courses and our Business Writing Courses.   The Telegraph makes great fun last week, of Matt Hancock’s liberal use [...]

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How lawyers can quote figures more effectively during media interviews and presentations

As the leading media training and presentation consultancy for law firms we quite often find that lawyers participating in our media coaching sessions have to mention figures.  It might be sums of money or the growth rate of a particular business sector.  The lawyers we train can also find themselves talking about issues such as [...]

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10 things you should never say to a journalist – and what you could say or do instead.

We've had a bit of fun with this one!  All of our media trainers are working journalists and so when we asked them which phrases or comments really annoyed them or caused them to roll their eyeballs when they’re out in the field reporting, the answers came back thick and fast. What not to say [...]

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How does Joe Biden’s speech compare to one delivered by the previous Democrat inhabitant of the White House?

It’s probably one of the most difficult speeches that any incoming president of the US has had to make. As a speechwriter, I often refer clients to President Obama’s first inauguration speech.  It’s a treasure trove of good speech content. There’s poetry, there’s the big picture, there are rhetorical flourishes and there are stories. It [...]

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How to gain control of a media interview

Who is in control during a media interview – the journalist or the interviewee? It’s a question that often comes up at the beginning of our media training courses. At Communicate Media we discuss the aims and objectives of our participants before we start.  Who is in the driving seat during an interview – and, [...]

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Five ways to increase the chances of a journalist getting your point and quoting you correctly.

It’s an issue that’s often mentioned by the participants in our media training courses who have already had some experience with the media. They open a newspaper or magazine or click on a website to read the article that they’ve done an interview for.  Unfortunately, the journalist they spoke to has not got their message [...]

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Tom Cruise’s Coronavirus meltdown on set

Tom Cruise is exercised about Coronavirus.  Aren’t we all? you might say.  But the star of Mission: Impossible 7 has been particularly concerned about the behaviour of crew members on the set of the movie which is currently being shot in the UK.  We’ve provided media training and even crisis management to film and TV [...]

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Five misconceptions about media training – and what it really involves

People have all kinds of funny ideas about what media training is and what it does.  Because at Communicate Media, the niche media and communications training consultancy, we’re humble seekers after truth we’d thought that we’d explode some myths and explain what media training really can offer to organisations and their public relations advisors. 1. [...]

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The Great Scotch Egg Debate – how to make sure that the examples you use in media interviews don’t leave you with egg on your face

When he casually suggested during a media interview that a Scotch egg could count as a substantial meal the environment secretary, George Eustice could have had no idea of the debate he would unleash. Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC at breakfast on Monday, Eustice claimed that the rules on serving substantial meals with alcohol [...]

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