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Lawyer Tips: Do’s and don’ts of dealing with reporters

At Communicate Media we provide media training for law firms in London, throughout the UK and around the world.  The solicitors and barristers that we work with have interesting topics to talk about and they’re lively and challenging media training course participants.   Having said that, we’re always aware that lawyers and journalists are very [...]

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Three ways to capture a crowd – useful techniques to engage your audience

It’s a tough challenge and it’s getting tougher – how do you capture the attention of your audience during a presentation or media interview and retain it?  Our attention spans are notoriously becoming shorter than ever.   One of the things that participants always ask for during our presentation training and media training courses is [...]

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Media training courses: the difference between a press and a broadcast interview?

During our media training courses people often ask: “What’s the difference between a press and a broadcast media interview?” Well, the chances are that even these days you’re more likely to do a print interview and that’s why we offer special press only courses.  Not only do they suit many clients’ budgets but, realistically, they [...]

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Six barriers to effective communication

Essentially what we do as a company is to help our clients to communicate more effectively with the people they need to talk to. This is often with journalists in our media training courses and crisis communications courses but it could also be communication with internal audiences, clients, suppliers, investors, regulators and others through our [...]

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How to handle journalists’ interruptions

It’s long been a complaint of politicians and other spokespeople that they’ve just started to answer a question during a media interview when the interviewer jumps in with an objection or another question.  People often ask during our media training courses how to handle journalists’ interruptions.The Sunday Times had an interesting story over the weekend [...]

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Your spokespeople aren’t getting enough media coverage? Here’s why and how to fix it

Very often when we start one of our media training courses the PR professionals and Comms people that we work with mention that as well as handling difficult issues, on the proactive side, they’ve been struggling to create positive coverage.  This might include their efforts to “piggyback” off a running media story.   When a report [...]

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Media training: five requests you can make of a journalist

[vc_row row_padding_top="26" row_padding_bottom="9"][vc_column][md_text md_text_title1="pixflow_base64IA==" md_text_title_separator="no"]Being interviewed by a journalist can often be quite an intimidating experience. As many of the participants in our media training courses point out – even before we’ve had the chance to mention it – a slip of the tongue or an unfortunate comment can cost you your job.  Obviously, there are [...]

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Media training tips: What colours should you wear on television?

We're always asked at some point during our media training courses about what to wear when doing a TV interview.  How you look during television interviews or presentations – and in particular the colours that you wear - has a major impact on the impression that your audience takes away. You might be speaking eloquently in [...]

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Media training tips: five good things to say during a media interview and five comments to avoid

Most people are anxious about what they can and can’t say to a journalist during a media interview and that’s quite understandable. After all, once you’ve said it, it’s out there – read, listened to or watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. In our media training courses people often express concern [...]

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Media coaching – do you have to answer a journalist’s question?

It’s always a big issue in media coaching – do you have to answer a journalist’s question?  As part of our media coaching sessions we’ll usually do a role play press interview with the participants.  As we tell them, we’ll do it in exactly the same way as we do during our day job as [...]

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