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Media Training

Media training tips: five good things to say during a media interview and five comments to avoid

1st November 2018

Most people are anxious about what they can and can’t say to a journalist during a media interview and that’s quite understandable. After all, once yo...

Media Training

Media coaching – do you have to answer a journalist’s question?

18th July 2018

It’s always a big issue in media coaching – do you have to answer a journalist’s question?  As part of our media coaching sessions we’ll usually do a ...

Media Training

Media training courses for women – would Nicky Morgan approve?

15th June 2018

Nicky Morgan is boycotting certain BBC TV studios because they’re not flattering The Times reports today.  It might sound vain and trivial but, as we ...

Media Training

Media training courses – if you’re ambushed by a journalist

14th May 2018

People often ask when we do media skills training what they should do if they’re jumped on by a journalist.  The worst case scenario might be a camera...

Media Training

Anthony Scaramucci and that old question: “What does ‘off the record’ actually mean?”

10th April 2018

“What does off the record mean?” is something that we’re frequently asked in our media training courses. I had this very same conversation last week w...


The Economist is right – mishandling a crisis hits companies in the pocket. And that includes Facebook

10th April 2018

We’ve seen a noticeable uptick in clients, old and new, coming to us for crisis communications training.  Many have a crisis communication strategy in...

Media Training

Can you see what the journalist writes before it’s published? Probably not, but here’s the next best thing

21st November 2017

It’s one of the most common questions to come up during our media training courses – “Can I see what the journalist writes before it’s published?” Alm...

Media Training

Strong and stable leadership – a word of advice for the Prime Minister

24th December 2015

You might not have heard this but, apparently, Theresa May represents “strong and stable government” while Jeremy Corbyn offers “a coalition of chaos,...

Crisis communication

The United fiasco – what it teaches organisations about crisis communications management

24th December 2015

Just when you thought that companies had finally learnt about how to deal with a crisis United Airlines shows that it’s still possible to handle a dif...

Presentation Training

Why are there so few great women speakers and presenters? (Or have I just missed them?)

24th December 2015

I’m conscious that I’ll either get brickbats or accolades for this blog but I feel the need to write it anyway on International Women’s Day @womensday...