JD Sports – Crisis Communications Training

The recent revelation that JD Sports has suffered a data breach makes it the latest fashion brand to find itself having to manage a crisis. As the leading media training company for fashion and clothing brands, we regularly advise clients, working closely with their PR companies, on how to do interviews and manage the message [...]

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Nadhim Zahawi – the crisis communications lessons for all organisations

It must have been an uncomfortable weekend for Nadhim Zahawi. The Conservative Party chair is under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that he paid a penalty to HMRC over unpaid tax while he was chancellor. At Communicate Media, we provide crisis communications training and advice to all kinds of organisations, and we’re finding that [...]

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Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crisis & Apology

As financial collapses go, the demise of the crypto-currency exchange FTX was pretty spectacular. In its bankruptcy filing, the company estimated it had between $10 billion and $50 billion in assets and liabilities and more than 100,000 creditors.    Worse still, even before it went under, questions were being asked about the close ties between [...]

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Balenciaga and Why Crisis Management is Essential

Yet another clothing brand has found itself at the centre of controversy. Nike has officially cut ties with US basketball player Kyrie Irving a month after suspending the relationship because of Irving's promotion of an antisemitic film. The news comes just days after luxury brand Balenciaga was criticised for featuring young children carrying teddy bear [...]

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Ensuring that your Organisation is Cohesive when Communicating with the Media

Ensuring that your organisation is cohesive when communicating with the media is particularly important, and it’s something that we look at carefully when we work with PR companies and in-house communication teams during our Media Training courses. The risk is that if you have various people doing media interviews and communicating with journalists, they might [...]

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Stormy Weather – What the P&O row tells us about Media Training and Corporate Communications

P&O is making the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment. Almost every company has to rationalise its operations or make redundancies once in a while, and these difficult decisions can not only be painful for those directly affected by them but can also damage the reputation of the organisation itself. We frequently [...]

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Winning the war of words – Volodymyr Zelensky.

When he gave up a successful career as an actor playing the president of his country to become… the president of his country, Volodymyr Zelensky could probably not believe that his life could become more unusual. And yet now he finds himself one of the key actors in the largest armed conflict in Europe since [...]

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What might a Journalist ask me? A guide on answering media questions for Lawyers.

As the specialist Media Training company for law firms, we’re often asked during our Media Training sessions for lawyers about what questions they might get from a journalist. We know that lawyers like to be prepared, and we emphasise during our training courses that preparation is the key to doing a good media interview. It [...]

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What is Media Training?  

How do I Engage with a Journalist Effectively? Essentially, to engage with a journalist, give them a good story – it’s a simple as that! Suppose you can offer them something relevant to the target audience that those readers, viewers, or listeners didn’t previously know. In that case, a journalist will be happy to talk [...]

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Party at Number 10 – Invite us Next Time, Boris!

The Number 10 Party Scandal – How NOT to do Crisis Communications   Go on, admit it. Most of us have been to a party at some point in our lives and regretted it afterwards for whatever reason. However, there can’t be many get-togethers that have caused so much trouble and provoked so much anger [...]

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