Boohoo’s Crisis: The Consequences of a Panorama Investigation

As the leading supplier of media training and crisis communications training to fashion brands and clothing manufacturers, we were interested to watch Panorama’s exposure to the working practices of Boohoo. We provide media interview coaching for a large number of fashion brands ranging from luxury houses to well-known high-street labels. We do our best to [...]

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Abercrombie and Fitch and Crisis Communications for Fashion Brands

Abercrombie & Fitch is in the news again – but for all the wrong reasons. The super cool brand, which has long been known for its celebration of beautiful young bodies and its blend of cool urban looks with preppy chic, has suffered from negative media coverage on a few occasions over the last few [...]

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What is Crisis Communication for Architects’ Firms?

At Communicate Media, we’re providing more and more crisis management and crisis communications courses for architecture practices. This is because organisations of all kinds are increasingly at risk of hostile media coverage and negative social media sentiment. Essentially, crisis management involves minimising the negative impact of an event that has the potential to damage the [...]

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Nigel Farage and his Coutts bank account – the media training lessons.

Coutts Bank must be ruing the day it accepted Nigel Farage as a client. But they must be experiencing even more serious regrets over their decision to close his account. We provide media training to banks and financial services companies as well as politicians and we also media train celebrities – another category that Nigel [...]

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Crisis Management Overview

Crisis management has never been so important. Companies, professional services firms, charities, and other organisations are increasingly at risk of hostile media coverage and negative social media sentiment. It's hardly surprising, therefore, that at Communicate Media, we're providing more and more crisis management and crisis communications courses for a wide variety of clients What is [...]

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Who is the presenter at the heart of the BBC scandal?

Spoiler alert – you won’t find out in this blog, I’m afraid, but you will find some useful thoughts and advice on crisis communications and crisis media training.   Communication Media - Crisis Communication and Crisis Media Training We provide crisis communications training to a wide variety of organisations from manufacturers to retailers and law [...]

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Creating a Crisis Communications Plan for Law Firms

As the specialist provider of Media Training for law firms, we are increasingly being asked about crisis communications. The world is an increasingly risky place. Compared with just a few years ago, threats such as cyberattacks and allegations of bullying, sexism, racism, as well as reputational damage caused not by firms themselves but by the [...]

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Holly Willoughby Statement: This Morning’s editor show how not to do it

Will the Phillip Schofield story never end? As providers of crisis communications training, we advise clients in our crisis comms workshops on how to draw the line under a difficult incident for an organisation and to avoid it having the kind of “legs” that keeps a story running and running in the media. Just when [...]

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Philip Schofield and This Morning – The Crisis Communications Lesson

"Why is this a story?" someone asked one of our trainers at a party over the weekend. They were talking about Phillip Schofield's departure from ITV's This Morning. Given that our trainer is a working journalist (like all of our trainers), providing media training courses for a wide range of companies and individuals, the assumption [...]

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What is crisis communications?

Crisis communications is essentially the process of communicating with stakeholders during a time of significant and unexpected disruption. At Communicate Media, we provide crisis communications training courses for a wide range of organisations, including PR companies, who want to be able to advise their clients should those clients suffer a crisis. This crisis could be [...]

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