Top Tips For Doing Media Interviews Remotely

Like everything else in society, the Coronavirus is having a profound effect on the news business. In particular demand for news, which has seen a slow decline over the last few years has suddenly experienced a significant spike.  The BBC News Channel, for instance, has enjoyed its largest weekly audience since 2015.  Meanwhile, Channel 4 [...]

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Mistakes Lawyers Make in Media Interviews

Our media training courses for law firms are always positive, uplifting affairs. However, we do look at the mistakes that lawyers make when doing media interviews so that they can avoid them and learn and improve as the course develops. Having worked with a number of magic circle and silver circle law firms over the [...]

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Corona Virus Interview Blog

Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone on the planet Mars (where at least you’d be safe from infection), you’ll have heard that the country is braced for a rapidly increasing number of cases of Coronavirus.  As providers of media training courses, crisis communications courses and advisers on corporate message development and testing we’re always [...]

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Media training interview tips for fashion and clothing industry professionals

The fashion and clothing sector has always been fast moving and subject to constant change – that’s one reason why people love working in it.  With recent challenges such as the financial pressures on high street retailers, the difficulties of managing reverse logistics and a greater focus by governments and customers on the supply chain [...]

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Media training interview tips for architects

The British fascination with homes continues and, if the government really does build the hundreds of thousands of new houses and flats that it has promised to build, then media interest in this area will grow. We provide media training for architects and interior designers and during our workshops we help them to do media [...]

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Number 10 bans certain media from its briefings. So what happens if you fall out with a journalist?

Following their well publicised falling out last week it’ll be interesting to see how relations between the Number 10 press office and the lobby fare over the next few days. One of the issues we often look at during our media courses is what to do when relationships between an organisation and a journalist come under [...]

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How to increase the chances of a journalist using your quote as a spokesperson

We spend quite a lot of time in our media training courses working with spokespeople of all kinds of organisations alongside their PR consultancies and inhouse communications teams to help them to create and test messages and quotes. One question that always arises is how do I make it more likely that the journalist will [...]

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What can media training teach the denizens of Davos?

Pity the poor billionaires.  They might have crisp, fresh snow and winter sunshine, private jets rather than check-in queues, champagne on tap and hotel suites larger than many people’s homes but those attending Davos this week are under attack. Although around 3,000 people will be present Boris Johnson has reportedly banned ministers from attending, in [...]

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Jess Phillips on Andrew Marr – the media training lessons for corporate spokespeople

And they’re off! A clutch of Labour politicians have thrown their hats into the ring to succeed Jeremy Corbyn and yesterday on Andrew Marr, outsider Jess Phillips made her first major pitch for the job. We always make the point in our media training courses that most interviewees and spokespeople for organisations will not be [...]

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The ’empty chair’ experience

image credit: sutherland echo   It’s not just politicians who can find themselves subjected to the “Empty chair” experience…. In media management terms one issue that this general election will be known for is the “empty chair” experience.  Andrew Neil provoked great controversy when his frustration at not being able to interview Boris Johnson prompted [...]

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