Top 5 Media Training Tips for Lawyers: Boost Your Public Relations Skills

As the specialist Media Training provider for law firms, lawyers, barristers, and all those working in the legal world, we work closely with the in-house communications teams at a wide range of law firms, including those in the silver and magic circles and specialist legal advisors. We also help barristers to deal with media interviews [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Media Training and Why it’s Important

How many people who are interviewed by journalists have had media training, people often ask. The short answer is that if they're from a medium-sized or large organisation, they've almost certainly been media trained. The fact is that if you work in media relations and you're putting someone up for interview with a print journalist, [...]

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How do I prepare for a media interview?

This is one of the most important issues that we discuss during our media training courses. Preparing for a media interview is essential to ensure you come across as confident, knowledgeable, and articulate. It also means that you'll be ready to put across your key message, back them up with examples, statistics and other proof [...]

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What are the aims and objectives of Media Training?

If you're a public relations professional or a member of an in-house communications team, the chances are that you have at least heard of Media Training, even if you haven't used it yet with your clients or colleagues. When we begin our conversations with public relations advisors and marketing and communications teams, they often start [...]

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How to Choose the Right Media Trainer

At Communicate Media, we’ve been delivering media training courses for over 30 years, and during that time, we’ve seen the number of other providers increase enormously. We’re glad to say that despite this increase in suppliers, as a media training company, we’re working with more organisations than ever to help them prepare their spokespeople to [...]

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What is Media Training?

This is a question that many people ask us at the start of our Media Training courses. Essentially, Media Training enables spokespeople from a wide variety of organisations to deliver more effective interviews for print, radio, podcasts, TV and video. At Communicate Media, we work closely with public relations, consultants, and in-house communications teams to [...]

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Three mistakes financial firms make when doing media interviews

As the leading specialist Media Training provider for financial services firms, we discuss with our course participants what those working in finance, asset management, wealth management and insurance, among other sectors, should and shouldn’t do when talking to journalists. During these media coaching sessions for financial firms, we look at these three mistakes that those [...]

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5 risky questions that spokespeople for luxury brands need to be ready for

As the specialist provider of media training for luxury brands, we regularly work with designers, executives, craftspeople, influencers and public relations and marketing people to prepare them for media interviews. This might be for new product launches, for runway shows or simply because it's useful for luxury houses to have a range of people who [...]

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3 times celebrities failed at product placement: The rise of influencer marketing

We learnt this week where Gary Lineker stands on the government’s plans to manage what it sees as a crisis of small boats crossing the channel from France. The Match of the Day presenter compared the policy outlined by home secretary Suella Braverman with what happened in Nazi Germany. “This is just an immeasurably cruel [...]

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An interview with the new boss of OnlyFans – lessons for media training

Anyone who enjoys a good car crash interview should read Decca Aitkenhead’s encounter with the new boss of adult performer website OnlyFans in last weekend’s Sunday Times. The subject of media training comes up a few times, and, like many interviewers, Aitkenhead takes a dim view of it. The interviewee, Amrapali Gan, who recently took [...]

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