Five barriers to good communication that lawyers need to overcome

As the specialist provider of media training and presentation training for lawyers, we look at the barriers facing lawyers when it comes to communication. In our media training courses for law firms, we identify how solicitors and barristers can sometimes fail to get their message across or can find themselves discussing something that they don’t [...]

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Do celebrities get media training?

It’s a question that we often hear during our media training courses. The answer is that most celebrities certainly do get coaching for media interviews – and we’re very often the providers. Obviously, we can’t say which celebrities we’ve trained to do media interviews. Still, the fact is that we’ve worked with actors, directors, TV [...]

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Copywriting Course – Three Unexpected Realities

In our business copywriting courses, we give people tips, techniques, templates, and little tricks for writing blogs, thought pieces, reports, white papers, presentations, and emails. Participants tell us that they come away with a better idea of how to identify interesting, relevant subjects for blogs and how to write more quickly, efficiently and, most of [...]

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Media Training for Start-ups

Although we provide media training for some of the largest brand names in the worlds of technology, financial services, the law, food and beverage, and fashion, we also specialise in media training for start-ups. We love working with small, fast-growing companies led by their founders who are looking to disrupt markets and do something in [...]

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Why you should be yourself in a Media Interview

We were recently working with the senior management team of a big fashion retailer. When we played back one of the TV interviews to the group for feedback and recommendations, the interviewee was reasonably pleased with their messages and how they handled some of the tricky questions our trainer had thrown at them. “The techniques [...]

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Five ways in which Media Training can help with your general business communications

We say it at the start of our Media Training courses, but it’s worth repeating here as well. The lessons, tips, and techniques we teach during these media coaching workshops are beneficial beyond media interviews – people on our courses tell us that they find what we’ve taught them helpful for their day-to-day business communication. [...]

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10 ways to make the most of Media Training

We want everyone who takes part in our media training courses to get the most out of them. That’s why, for instance, we send out pre-course questionnaires so that we can find out more about your aims for the course and ensure that it meets your requirements. This, by the way, is one of the [...]

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Barristers: How to prepare for Media Interview

As experts in media training for law firms, we're increasingly being asked to create media interview coaching sessions for barristers' chambers. Journalists will often ask barristers to comment on a case or legal development. In some situations, this might be a case on which they have worked, either providing prosecution or defence counsel. It might [...]

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5 barriers to effective Communication

What are the barriers to effective communication? We are often asked about this in our media training courses, presentation training courses, crisis communications training courses, and the business writing workshops we provide. Effective communication is essential not just in our professional lives but in our personal and family lives as well. Communicating effectively helps your [...]

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Sustainable Fashion Brands and the Media

As a specialist provider of media training for fashion brands and clothing, labels and retailers, we're finding that a growing number of our clients are concerned about achieving sustainable development or at least improving on how they go about sustainability. With the extensive media coverage given to greenwashing and the increase in stories about companies [...]

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