Sustainable Fashion Brands and the Media

As a specialist provider of media training for fashion brands and clothing, labels and retailers, we're finding that a growing number of our clients are concerned about achieving sustainable development or at least improving on how they go about sustainability. With the extensive media coverage given to greenwashing and the increase in stories about companies [...]

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Pay Gaps in the Legal Industry

Over the last few months, media stories about salaries for newly qualified lawyers have been grabbing the legal media headlines even more than usual. As the specialist providers of media training for law firms, we wanted to explore how the media has covered this issue and to look at how various firms have responded. Before [...]

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Tory Leadership Race – The Media Training Lessons Sunak v Truss

With the Tory leadership race fast approaching the finish line, we thought it might be interesting to look at the interview and communications style of the two candidates. So, in media training terms, what lessons can we learn from them? We work with several politicians from both right and left – in the sensible middle [...]

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Dealing with disfluency in a Media Interview

At the start of our Media Training courses, when we ask participants for their objectives so that we can ensure that the course meets their individual needs, we almost always find that at least one person will mention one particular concern. “I’m conscious of ‘erming’ and ‘ahring’ too much,” they’ll say, but disfluency is more [...]

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Four ‘do’s’ and three ‘don’ts’ if a journalist comments on an issue

As we explain in our Media Training courses, if you’re doing an interview with a journalist, the chances are that you’ll be doing one of three things. First, you’ll be promoting something – a new product or service or, second, defending something; in other words, you’ve made a mistake or had to make a difficult [...]

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Five risky questions for media interviews

As we explain in our media training courses, taking part in a media interview has obvious benefits. You can promote a product or service (if you do so subtly, of course!), create awareness for a cause, advance your campaign, or simply raise your profile and make yourself more attractive on the job market. OK, but [...]

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What Missguided teaches us about corporate communications, crisis, and picture painting

As the specialist media training consultancy for retailers and fashion labels, we've closely followed the Missguided saga. We're particularly interested in why this story has created such extensive coverage – much of it pretty negative. One of the main reasons for this prominence is simply that it's very visual. If you're covering any aspect of [...]

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Wagatha Christie, the media and the law

As specialists in Media Training for law firms, we're always keeping an eye on the most prominent cases to see what lessons we can learn from them to use in our Media Training courses for lawyers. Most of the cases we follow are slightly more serious than the Wagatha Christie saga. Still, some valuable learning [...]

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Wagatha Christie and the media

The Wagatha Christie saga has reached its conclusion. About time, many people might say. But at Communicate Media training, we’re always interested in what makes a media story so that we can analyse it and use it in our media training courses. To build our participants’ confidence and help them prepare, we start most courses [...]

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Why you may never watch Good Morning Britain the same way again.

The Sunday Times Simon Brooke, one of our senior media trainers, had a letter published in The Sunday Times last weekend, and it’s prompted some interesting discussion on LinkedIn and directly with our clients. See the letter below: We provide Media Training for a wide variety of organisations, especially law firms, financial services firms, luxury [...]

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