5 ways you can help your law firm improve media coverage

As the specialist Media Training consultancy for law firms, we work extensively with the PR agencies and in-house communications teams of a wide variety of magic circle, silver circle and other legal firms. One of the issues that often comes up in our Media Training courses for lawyers is how they can work more closely [...]

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Ensuring that your Organisation is Cohesive when Communicating with the Media

Ensuring that your organisation is cohesive when communicating with the media is particularly important, and it’s something that we look at carefully when we work with PR companies and in-house communication teams during our Media Training courses. The risk is that if you have various people doing media interviews and communicating with journalists, they might [...]

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Prince Andrew’s Story – A Journalists point of view.

Prince Andrew’s out of court settlement has grabbed the headlines this morning. Journalists worldwide, but especially in Britain, will be not just reporting on what has happened but will be asking about what this means for the Prince. They will want to know what it tells us about how women who have been abused are [...]

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What Mistakes do Lawyers make during Media Interviews?

As the leading specialist Media Training provider for law firms, we often discuss what lawyers should and should not do when talking to journalists in our Media Training courses. We keep our media coaching sessions positive and upbeat; however, as you know, it’s often easy to learn by exploring mistakes and then looking at how [...]

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Media Training, Crisis Communications Training and Presentations Training – Your Questions Answered.

We’re regularly asked for more detail about our various communications training sessions including media training, crisis communications training and presentation training courses – what they teach and how they work and so here are some answers to those frequently asked questions: Am I able to have the training filmed/recorded for my future reference? Yes, absolutely. [...]

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Four Myths About Media Training: ‘Exploded’

Whenever we start our media training courses or even discussions with potential clients who are new to training people to do media interviews, we naturally encounter a few myths and misconceptions. People have often heard about media coaching, but they haven’t heard the right things about it. We hate to use the phrase “fake news”, [...]

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Five Media Training Tips From Our Recent TikTok Videos

Our latest collection of TikTok videos featuring media training tips and insights based on our experience as providers of media coaching for law firms, financial firms, luxury brands, architects and other organisations is now available. Here are some of the points we’ve made and the advice about doing media interviews that we’ve included in these [...]

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How to Approach a Media Training Course

“I was really nervous about the course today, but actually, you’ve reassured me”. As the specialist media training course provider for law firms, when we deliver our media interview workshops for lawyers, this is often their feedback, so we remain encouraged. Similarly, Communicate Media offers media training courses for architects. They also tell us that [...]

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Crisis Management – Covid and Travel Firms

Travel companies will have to rethink their crisis management strategies and should follow a set of common industry standards. That is the advice of Jill Sinclair, chief executive of Global Health Assured, as reported in Travel Weekly recently.  Because of the pandemic, “crisis management has to be rethought,” she argues. She revealed that the Global [...]

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What A Piece About Law Firms And Wellbeing Tells Us About Law Firms And Media Interviews

There was an interesting piece in the Financial Times recently about law firms launching wellbeing programmes. At the start of our media training courses for law firms, we usually look at what makes a media story and what interests journalists. This helps build confidence as participants know the nature of the beast that they’re dealing with. [...]

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