The Great Scotch Egg Debate – how to make sure that the examples you use in media interviews don’t leave you with egg on your face

When he casually suggested during a media interview that a Scotch egg could count as a substantial meal the environment secretary, George Eustice could have had no idea of the debate he would unleash. Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC at breakfast on Monday, Eustice claimed that the rules on serving substantial meals with alcohol [...]

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How law firms can increase the chances of the media using their quotes

At Communicate Media we specialise in media training for law firms and in the courses that we run for them we work with their PR and inhouse comms teams to help them to get coverage in the media. This is usually through interviews with press and broadcast journalists but we also give advice on how [...]

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Andrew Marr asks a scientist that classic journalist’s question “How did it feel?”

I do like watching interviews with scientists.  As a journalist and someone who has worked in media training for over 20 years, I’m something of a media interview nerd. What do scientists do right during media interviews?  We’ve talked about this before in a blog about Professor Sarah Gilbert Professor of Vaccinology at the University [...]

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Jonathan Van-Tam shows power of personal testament

“My mum is 78, she’ll be 79 shortly, and I’ve already said to her ‘Mum, make sure when you’re called, you’re ready to take this up, this is really important for you because of your age’,” Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer told a Downing Street news conference. The coverage of Professor Van-Tam’s reference [...]

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Questions about lockdown law – how lawyers can help the media and themselves with comment and analysis

There’s nothing the media likes more than a good row. As we explain during our media training courses, confrontation, trouble, and argument is meat and drink to the media. And, when it relates directly to the public on a very human level, that debate is more attractive. Even more so, there’s also a great regional angle [...]

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – why the actors’ court case is so newsworthy

You may or may not have a view on Johnny Depp’s libel case with The Sun which, has just been announced, he has lost. Whatever, your views the tussle between the Hollywood actor and the Sun newspaper, which called him a “wife-beater” offers some useful insights into what makes a media story. It’s of interest [...]

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Why you shouldn’t stop saying ‘um,’ ‘erm,’ and ‘ah’ while public speaking.

When we start our media training courses by asking our participants what they want to learn, one of the most common requests we hear concerns disfluencies.  “I want to stop ‘erming’ and ‘ahing’,” participants frequently tell us. Similarly, when we listen back to a role play TV or radio interview and ask the participant how [...]

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The editor of the Daily Mail does a media interview – how did he perform?

There’s one publication that produces a shiver down the spine of participants in our media training courses  “I’d be a bit nervous about being interviewed by the Daily Mail,” they often tell us. Certainly, the paper that prides itself on being the voice of Middle England can be fierce and it’s prone to taking a [...]

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Another law firm suffers a cyberattack – how good was their response?

It’s happened again. This time it’s Chicago-based global law firm Seyfarth Shaw that has been subjected to a cyberattack.  According to the firm unauthorised activity was detected by its monitoring systems on Saturday. As the UK’s leading supplier of media training and crisis communications training for law firms, we’re always saddened to hear of these [...]

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Engineering good media coverage: James Dyson’s interview on the Today programme

Sir James Dyson is one of the country’s most innovative engineers and successful entrepreneurs but how good is he at media interviews?  We provide media training courses for designers and engineers and for the retailers that sell their products and so we were particularly interested to hear him on the Today programme yesterday morning. He [...]

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