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What is different about the Media Training course for lawyers?

We know that lawyers are very busy people and don’t like being distracted from servicing their clients. That’s why our Media Training course for lawyers is brief and intense. Since we are training people to communicate concisely in a limited period, we ensure that we do this ourselves. It also helps that the lawyers we work with are bright and pick up on things quickly! We know that lawyers like facts, and they like to be given clear instructions – again, this is how we structure our Media Training course for law firms to fit their working and learning styles.

We look at how journalists work in a different way to the modus operandi of lawyers and explore how the two can effectively come together for mutual benefit. Among the other issues, we look at is how to employ the examples and case studies that journalists always want to hear while not compromising client confidentiality.

Given the pressure on lawyers’ and especially partners’ diaries, we also have a variety of flexible course formats that can fit in with their requirements.

What options do I have for the course?

We can create a one-to-one course for senior partners or five or six or junior staff. Unlike the large Media Training companies with their standard, commoditised programs, we create every Media Training course from scratch for our law firm clients and others. We can provide training early in the morning or late in the afternoon around lawyers’ working hours. We regularly visit the offices of law firms and provide training virtually via Zoom or Teams and, in some cases, as a hybrid version of both. If you think that your colleagues will only speak to print media, we can design a course focusing on this, whereas if you would like to be ready to do TV interviews, we can include that in the course.

Who should attend the training?

We provide Media Training for almost everybody who works in a law firm. Primarily, as you might imagine, the emphasis is on partners. We know that partners in law firms are very busy, so we provide intensive media training sessions that can fit around their crowded schedules.

We’ve also noticed a growing interest among lawyers looking to be made up into partners. They and their comms team consider doing media interviews effectively an essential part of their training and continuous professional development. Again, these courses are intensive and practical and are scheduled to fit in with the calendars of an associate and other lawyers within the firm.

We also provide Media Training, public relations training and spokesperson training for the comms team and press offices of a growing number of magic and silver circle law firms. To answer the question of who should attend the Media Training course from a law firm; almost anybody – and we can create a course to meet their exact needs.

Why would you recommend Media Training courses for lawyers?

Print journalists and TV and radio producers are always interested to hear from lawyers. We like how they provide factual information and have practical experience of an issue that we are covering in our reports. What we in the media do find challenging sometimes, though, when interviewing lawyers is that those in the legal profession have a different way of communicating and don’t always understand how media reports are put together and how journalists think. We would recommend Media Training courses for lawyers to understand what precisely the journalist they’re talking to wants to know and how they can contribute to the report in a win-win for themselves and the journalist.

We also know that lawyers like to be in control, so for many law firms that do our Media Training courses for lawyers, the aim is risk management. In other words, they want to ensure that when they do a media interview, they maximise the chances of getting positive coverage and marketing the firm while minimising the danger of saying something that could damage the firm’s reputation and standing. Talking to the media is always a risk, and that’s why we recommend lawyers and other spokespeople for law firms have a thorough understanding of how to minimise these risks and increase the chances of getting positive coverage.

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