Investor Relations is an increasingly important aspect of corporate communications. As volatility continues in the markets and regulations are constantly tightened, ensuring that you communicate effectively with your investors and the wider financial community, from analysts to regulatory authorities, is becoming more important than ever. But what do these different audiences want to hear? Where do they get their information? How can you communicate with them and influence them effectively? How can you cultivate and facilitate that communication? What is their relationship with journalists and the media?

Training for investor relations professionals

Aimed at investor relations professionals and communications professionals at all levels who are targeting the financial community, this intensive and very practical course gives you a basic but thorough introduction to proactive and reactive communications with shareholders, potential investors, regulators and others including the media who could have a considerable effect on the financial wellbeing of your organisation.   As with all our training this course is very interactive and practical. We are very flexible and can create a course to meet your needs. After each course of trainers will provide written feedback with recommendations for all participants. We’re also available for ongoing telephone support.

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