Financial services firms are constantly making the news – and that’s why a growing number of them are approaching us for media training courses. Journalists might want to talk to you about the launch of new products, for instance. Otherwise, it might be for a comment on the markets or the need for all of us to put more into our pension pots.

Our media training courses for finance firms are all about instilling confidence in spokespeople. In order to do this, we start by looking at what makes a story in the finance media. This means that interviewees know the nature of the beast that they’re dealing with and they can prepare effectively.

How banking, accountancy, insurance or fintech firms can prepare for a media interview

We then teach those working in banking, accountancy, insurance or fintech how to prepare for a media interview by providing them with specific tips and techniques. This means that they can hone down their messages and focus on exactly what they want to say, while maintaining more control over the interview.

We then start with a role play press interview. Because our media trainers are working journalists (operating under Non-Disclosure Agreements), they can carry out these print interviews exactly as they do in their day job.

We’ll identify the target media whether this is Investors Chronicle,, the Financial Times or the Yorkshire Post. Working with the firm’s inhouse communications team or your PR consultancy we stress that each media outlet has a different audience. The examples that you give and the language you use as an interviewee have to be relevant in order to engage those audiences.

How to use case studies and examples during media interviews

We show how to use the examples, case studies and anecdotes that journalists are always looking for from interviewees and to do so while maintaining client confidentiality. Following an authentic press interview we’ll give feedback with practical advice and tips that the participants can carry through into the next round of interviews.

Some of the financial services firms that we provide media training for find that a press interview is sufficient for their needs because they’re only ever going to speak to the print media, their comms teams and PR agencies, believe. That’s fine with us. We’ll give our participants a good grounding in the practicalities of dealing with a press interview, such as using examples and case studies and retaining control of the conversation.

A niche agency – flatter structures and more affordable

As a niche agency we can provide briefer, more affordable media training courses for those working in financial services than the big, generalist agencies with their commoditised approach to media training.

If you do want to practice doing an interview for BBC News or Bloomberg or even for an insurance podcast, for instance, we can give you the skills and techniques that you’ll need before putting you through one of these interviews. We’ll help you with vocal skills and body language as well as advising you on what to wear and where to look.

Again, we’ll put you through a highly realistic radio, podcast or TV interview and then give you feedback together with advice and recommendations afterwards.

Raising your profile and attracting new clients

The media is constantly looking for spokespeople from the financial services sector and if you’re not prepared to do an interview with them then it’s very likely that they’ll simply approach your competitors.

Chat to Communicate Media

Our media training courses for financial services firms equip you with the skills you’ll need to do a great media interview so that you can raise your profile and win new clients.

We’d love to work with you. Please do give us a call on +44  (0)7958 239892 or email us: to see how we can help you.

  • · Specialist media training courses for financial services firms

    Media training delivered by experienced finance journalists

    · Tips and techniques that allow people from finance companies to maintain more control over a media interview
    · Advice for spokespeople from finance firms on the use of examples and case studies
    · Intensive, bespoke media training courses for financial services firms delivered by a niche, specialist agency

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