Media Training for Fashion & Clothing Industry Professionals FAQs

Our Media Training courses for those working in fashion and apparel provide participants with all the skills they need to do a great media interview and get positive media coverage. We work closely with fashion PR companies and the in-house communications teams of big fashion and clothing brands to help their clients and colleagues make the most of the media interviews they arrange.

When doing one of our Media Training courses for clothing and fashion industry professionals, you’ll learn what makes a media story and what a journalist is looking for from you during an interview. This is useful for building your confidence and helping you to prepare – preparation is the key to doing a successful media interview.

You’ll then learn how to take control of an interview and introduce the type of examples and stories that journalists are always looking for and that are essential for a good media interview. It will help you handle any difficult questions that might come up and give you the tools and techniques you need to take more control of the exchange and gain positive coverage as a result.

We’ll teach you how to come across as confident, warm and professional during radio/podcast and TV/video interviews. Whatever your role in the fashion and clothing business, we can create a media training course which is just right for you.

Our Media Training courses for fashion and clothing industry professionals are appropriate for anybody working in the industry. We create each one from scratch.

Let’s start with managers. You’ll benefit from our Media coaching courses if you’re a manager of a store, a category or a department. Whether you’re working in HR, supply chain or sourcing and sustainability or finance, we’ll create a media training course that enables you to do great interviews with journalists or presentations internally and externally. We will help you promote positive messages about the brand, raise your own profile in the industry, and manage difficult questions. We’ll help you develop confidence with your general business communications so that you’ll be better equipped to manage meetings, give reports, and talk to your teams.

We also provide Media Training for fashion designers and those on the creative side of the industry. Again, we help them develop their confidence by exploring what makes a media story and giving them insights into what a journalist is thinking when interviewing someone. We help them identify and tell the little stories and anecdotes that journalists always look for. When you’re giving these to a journalist, you can bet that you have more control over the interview, and you’re less likely to be asked difficult or irrelevant questions. We help designers feel comfortable showing journalists and editors their latest collections and give them the tools and techniques they need to convey their messages about the exciting work they’ve been creating.

We also provide bespoke Media Training courses for leaders in the fashion and clothing sector, including chief executive officers, chief finance officers, chief information officers and technology experts.

It’s very simple. Once we’ve worked with you to create a Media Training course that exactly meets your needs, timing and budget will send you a pre-course questionnaire. Each participant on the Media Training course completes this. As well as asking for their name and job title and responsibility we also ask about their aims and objectives for the course this means that we can ensure that we give them exactly what they need in terms of Media Training. We will also ask them about any previous experience of doing media interviews, and, using the form, we’ll get an idea of what we should interview them about.

We provide Media Training for some of the largest fashion and clothing brands, but we also have small up-and-coming fashion labels among our clients.

Clients like that we are an agile Media Training consultancy that can create courses for large groups in major fashion and clothing companies, but we can also meet the needs of smaller brands, including those that have just launched. We recently did a Media Training course for a new fashion brand with just four people working for it – the company wanted to raise its profile and learn how to do successful media interviews and engage with journalists. We were also able to give them advice and guidance on choosing a fashion PR company to work with. Whatever your needs and your budget, we can create a Media Training course that works for you as a fashion brand.