How lawyers can quote figures more effectively during media interviews and presentations

As the leading media training and presentation consultancy for law firms we quite often find that lawyers participating in our media coaching sessions have to mention figures.  It might be sums of money or the [...]

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10 things you should never say to a journalist – and what you could say or do instead.

We've had a bit of fun with this one!  All of our media trainers are working journalists and so when we asked them which phrases or comments really annoyed them or caused them to roll [...]

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How does Joe Biden’s speech compare to one delivered by the previous Democrat inhabitant of the White House?

It’s probably one of the most difficult speeches that any incoming president of the US has had to make. As a speechwriter, I often refer clients to President Obama’s first inauguration speech.  It’s a treasure [...]

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Five ways to increase the chances of a journalist getting your point and quoting you correctly.

It’s an issue that’s often mentioned by the participants in our media training courses who have already had some experience with the media. They open a newspaper or magazine or click on a website to [...]

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