When you get home after a long day at the office what will you tell your family or flatmates?

The chances are that you won’t to talk to them about your values, your organisation’s mission statement and you won’t be giving them a lecture on customer relationships and sales figures.

No, you’ll tell them stories. Ever since human beings first were able to speak we’ve told each other stories, tales and parables. Stories and narratives are how we understand the world. Recent research by scientists using MRI scans shows that when people hear stories more of the brain is activated and engaged than when they simply hear about facts and statistics.

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Corporate storytelling courses London
Corporate storytelling courses in London

Corporate story telling

Every organisation is full of stories. They could be about how the founder first got an idea for an exciting new product or service and battled against the odds to make it a reality. It could be about how a member of your team has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a client. It could also be the story of how a new line was developed and launched.

Whether an organisation is doing well or whether it is facing challenges and difficulties, it will have a narrative that needs to be told. Research shows that increasingly these narratives and stories are how your employees, customers, suppliers, partners and others will understand your organisation – and think better of it.

Our team of writers, journalists, corporate communications specialists and novelists can work with your teams to identify, develop and tell your stories in a way which will engage and inspire both internal and external audiences.

Expert advice on identifying and developing stories for your organisation

Coming into the organisation afresh and with great nose for a story, we can work with you and your colleagues to find these stories and tell them in a way that makes other people want to hear them and know more.Having a library of corporate stories and narratives will help your sales people with their pitches, they’ll help you when you’re talking to staff within the organisation, they’ll b very important for presentations and workshops and they’ll be essential when talking to the media.

The goods new is that it’s almost a dead certainty that you have some great stories that could be turned to your benefit – we’d be delighted to help you find them and tell them. With our intensive, carefully structured corporate and organisational storytelling courses we can help you to make the most out of your stories and narratives both now and in the future.

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