Why is it that whenever you’ve got to write a presentation you always manage to find so many other things to do? Tidying your desk, deleting old emails – even ringing your mum and dad – suddenly anything is more urgent. There’s only one thing worse than looking at that blank screen and that’s stepping up on to the stage and wondering whether your audience is going to be remotely interested in what you’re about to say.

Delivering speeches and presentations effectively

At Communicate Media we’ve worked with hundreds of senior executives who have had similar experiences when it comes to delivering speeches and presentations and even just speaking at meetings with colleagues. With really good presentation skills you can grab the attention of your audience and hold it. You can engage the people you’re talking to and you can greatly increase the chances of them thinking and doing what you’d like them to think and do.

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A professional speechwriter and a voice and acting coach

Communicate Media’s unique presentation skills courses provide you with the services of a professional speechwriter to help you to produce the very best content you can. We match this with an experienced voice skills and presentation coach to ensure that you deliver that content equally well.

Our presentation coaching is appropriate for an intensive, one-on-one session or for larger groups. We believe, above all in authenticity. We’ll help you to find the words and phrases that are right for you.

Writing and delivering a presentation that really works

We’ll work with you to identify stories that will engage your audience and help to illustrate your points. We’ll let you in on the secrets of some of the world’s greatest communicators and presenters so that you’ll know how to construct a persuasive argument and how to use the little tricks with language that will allow you to bring your audience with you.

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All you need to persuade your audience whether you’re the finance director of a PLC or a start up looking for funding

Speak convincingly and with authority to MPs, councillors, civil servants and public bodies

Practical advice on how to manage town hall meetings and achieve the outcome you’re looking for