Effective communication through public affairs training with Parliamentarians and councillors, as well as civil servants, local government officers and statutory bodies, can help you to create a better environment in which to run your business. It can add an extra dimension to your campaigns or help to raise your profile in a positive way. You can also keep abreast of developments in government and improve your overall communications strategy.

Public affairs training can be utilized from those of all fields and industries. Our public affairs course can help to persuade opposition while also giving you an additional layer to present your viewpoint from. It can be difficult, but with the right public affairs training, you can learn to improve your communication confidently.

A Complex World

But this is a complex world with its own rules, customs and interrelationships. Whom should you brief or ask to meet? Who really wields the power on any particular issue?

Communicate Media’s Public Affairs Training courses are practical and results-oriented. They introduce you to the principal players and institutions and provide definitions of key terms, as well as showing how a public affairs strategy can play an important role in the wider communications mix.

Communicate Media Public Affairs Training looks at how government works and how to influence it appropriately. By using practical examples and exercises, coupled with useful tips and insights, we’ll show you how to prepare and implement a public affairs strategy that could assist your organisation in its day-to-day business, underpin its strategic direction or handle a tricky reputational issue.

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