There are more opportunities than ever for the leaders of luxury brands to talk to the media. As well as being seen as glamourous by journalists the luxury sector is also regarded as a rapidly evolving business with interesting opportunities and challenges that acts as an indicator of wider economic trends.

As specialists in media training for luxury houses with nearly two decades working in the business, we know what journalists are looking for in an interview from a spokesperson for a luxury brand, be it the creative director, the CEO, a highly skilled artisan or a marketing professional. We also understand the particular challenges and constraints that these interviewees are under.

Working closely with the comms teams and PR agencies for luxury companies

That’s why our media training courses for luxury brands, which are devised and delivered by media trainer/journalists with extensive experience in this sector are increasingly popular. We work closely with the comms teams and PR agencies for luxury companies to help their spokespeople to identify their key messages and to back them up with great examples, case studies and stories.

We start by exploring with our course participants what it is that makes a good story for a journalist in the luxury media. One of the things that we love about our work with luxury brands is the passion and expertise of their craftspeople. Whether it’s a beautiful bag, an expertly engineered watch, a perfectly distilled single malt whisky or a stunning evening gown – we help artisans and others to tell stories and to convey that passion.

Gaining control and developing confidence

We provide our course participants with essential preparation tips so that they can work with their inhouse comms teams and PR support to do a great media interview. We then carry out authentic role play press, radio and TV and YouTube interviews. Afterwards we provide detailed feedback and tips that our luxury sector media training course participants can put into practice for the next round of interviews, building on their skills and developing their confidence.

We also help luxury sector professionals to gain more control over media interviews. The tools and techniques that we provide will help you to keep the interview on track so that you’ll have a better sense of what the final report will say rather than it being an unpleasant shock.

Presentation tips for luxury brands during TV and YouTube interviews

We’ll advise you on vocal skills, presentation and body language for radio, TV and YouTube interviews, whether it’s a live one-to-one interview, a panel discussion or filming with a presenter in your design studio or workshop.

The luxury business is, by its very nature, international, and we’re experienced in training people for whom English is an additional language. Working around the world as we do, we’re also aware of the different cultures and media environments.

A growing number of luxury sector clients work with us because we help their spokespeople to develop confidence and to gain control over media interviews. Whether you’re doing an interview with the FT how to spend it, Bloomberg, The New York Times or the Robb Report our media training courses for the fashion industry will give you the tips and techniques, as well as the practice and the confidence to deliver a great media interview.

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  • · Delivered by media trainer/journalists with extensive experience of the luxury sector, working under Non-Disclosure Agreements
    · Learn how to gain more control over media interviews
    · Tips and advice on relating the case studies and examples about your craftspeople and design inspiration that journalists love to hear
    · Confidence in front of the camera
    · Support for those for whom English is not a first language

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