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Public Meetings Training

What’s the difference between a town hall meeting and a lynch mob? Answer: proper preparation with expert help from Communicate Media

Practical public meetings training based on experience and knowledge

It’s good to appear transparent and proactive and to engage people who might have an interest in your organisation and its activities. But inviting a group of stakeholders, be they employees, local people or service users to a meeting is always a risk.   A speech or presentation might not go down as well as it should, a question can be handled badly or the practical arrangements don’t quite work – the hazards are various and potentially disastrous. Before you know it, instead of bringing your audience on board you’ve upset them, damaged your reputation and caused a row on conventional and social media.   We work with companies, public bodies, charities and others to put together effective town hall meetings. At Communicate Media Training our journalist media trainers, public affairs experts, speechwriters, presentation consultants and issue management specialists can advise on everything from the practical details of where, when and how to stage your meeting through to developing effective presentations, handling difficult questions and managing large groups of people.

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