In Media Training and corporate communications terms, Liz Truss’s team has made some regrettable mistakes. So, what can public relations professionals and those involved in corporate communications learn from what has gone wrong?

Liz Truss Mistakes

The fact that Liz Truss spent nearly a week not saying anything with her Chancellor almost equally reticent meant that commentators could fill the airwaves with the voices of her critics while the markets and other audiences were left wondering what was happening.

Having statements prepared

As the prime minister also discovered, they will introduce local issues such as fracking in this case, which can catch spokespeople off guard if they don’t know the local area.

Susanna Reid commenting on PR and Comms

Of course, the prime minister was right to talk about the practical financial support that the government is offering people during these difficult times, as this certainly ticks the “What’s in it for me?” box, but before she did this, she really ought to have addressed the other questions put to her.

What’s next for government?

How well she escapes intact from what should have been a celebration of her leadership victory remains to be seen. However, as Media Training experts and crisis communications training consultants, you can bet that we’ll be watching with interest.

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As we said, we have cannot remember a disaster like the government is facing in terms of PR and comms, however, if your company faces something similar, you will want to be prepared.