Zoom Media Training FAQs

Our Zoom Media Training courses are highly flexible, and therefore they work for both entire organisations and individuals alike.

Clients come to Communicate Media because they like our flexible approach. Unlike the large media training consultants with their standard packages and commoditised training courses, as an agile agency, we can create a course to meet the exact needs and fit the budget of any organisation.

Zoom and Teams in Media Training have helped us become even more flexible. For entire organisations, for instance, it means that participants can take part in the course quickly, easily and efficiently from wherever they are. We recently provided a course, for instance, for a company where participants were based in California, New York, Berlin and London. We found a time zone that suited everyone, and they were able to join us from their homes or offices, whichever suited them best. With hybrid working continuing even as the pandemic has eased, we are finding that more organisations appreciate Zoom and Teams Media Training options.

Zoom and Teams Media Training are also particularly appropriate for individuals. Again, they can join us from their home or office wherever they might be located and whatever the time zone. As a niche agency with low overheads, we can meet the budgetary requirements of all our clients. Zoom and Teams Media Training courses have reduced costs, and therefore we’re finding that we can deliver a one-to-one session more cost-effectively than we were able to do previously.

Here’s another great benefit of Zoom or Teams Media Training for firms as a whole or individuals. We can now offer courses in two sections. For instance, we work a lot with law firms, financial services firms and architectural practices where senior people have very busy diaries and therefore struggle to allocate a half-day, let alone a whole day, to Media Training. As an agile media and presentation training consultancy, we can offer clients a Zoom or Teams session lasting about an hour to an hour and a half to look at the theory of doing a media interview or delivering a presentation. We can then book one-hour sessions with each of the participants at a time that suits them to put these skills into practice.

This means that they can also benefit from intensive one-to-one coaching. These sessions might occur early in the morning, before work or later in the afternoon.

Yes, our Zoom and Teams Media Training work well for participants wherever they’re based. Increasingly as we move into a world of hybrid working, we are finding that participants on our courses will join us from home, from the office or even from the business lounge of an airport or hotel. Remote Media Training is convenient and practical, whatever your location.

As an agile Media Training consultancy that can quickly meet the needs of our clients, we can provide online Media Training whatever the platform. We usually host our Media Training and Presentation training sessions on Zoom, but we also work with Teams, WebEx and Google Meet.

Whatever the system, we can still provide a comprehensive, affordable and bespoke Media Training, Presentation or Crisis Communications training course to any number of participants wherever they are based in the world.

The short answer is that it depends on the participants’ experience and preferences.

If the participants on the course haven’t had a lot of media experience and are lacking in confidence, then we will spend some time exploring what makes a media story and how journalists work. We can start with the basics of doing a media interview. One of our most important aims is to ensure that our Media Training clients graduate feeling confident about dealing with the media from our courses. Teaching them the basics of how journalists work and how to do a media interview builds that confidence. If you haven’t had much experience of the media, then understanding how a journalist thinks and what makes a media story is essential for developing your confidence and helping you to prepare for a media interview – another important element of our courses.

On the other hand, if the participants have done quite a few media interviews in the past and perhaps have even had previous Media Training, we can move quickly through the basics and go straight on to doing realistic role-play media interviews with feedback and recommendations.

One of the particular features of Communicate Media that our clients tell us that they appreciate is that we’re agile and flexible and can meet the exact needs. They also appreciate that the person they speak to that design’s the course is also the person who delivers it. This means that they get precisely the course they want without any miscommunication along the way. So, whether you’re looking for Media Training 101 or have experience of media interviews and just want to refresh your knowledge or test a particular message with a real-life journalist in confidence, we can create a course to meet your exact needs.