Every day the editors of national newspapers, major magazines and websites receive a pile of press releases that is about a metre high. So what will make yours stand out? Should you even be using a press release? When is a phone call or an email a better way to communicate with an editor? How does Twitter affect the news agenda of a target publication. Whichever medium you use, just what is it that editors want to hear? And what will turn them off?

What motivates journalists and editors

Our highly practical public relations course looks at what makes a story, what motivates journalists and editors as well as how, when and why to pitch to them, how to piggy back off existing stories and how to develop new feature ideas to promote your organisation or your clients.From laying out a press release to arranging an event or organising a press trip, Communicate Media offers practical advice from experienced journalists, editors and public relations professionals.

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Using conventional and social media

Love them or hate them, Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn are part of our lives now but how do you use Social Media to the best advantage for your organisation? With practical exercises and by looking at real life case studies in which organisations have either benefited or suffered through their use of Social Media, this course gives a valuable insight into this fast moving phenomenon and offers some practical advice on how to make it work for you.

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Providing a tool bag of useful technique for business writing, whether it’s internal communications, reports or content in-house magazines

We can help you to identify and tell the best stories about you and your organisation to engage and motivate staff, impress customers and gain traction with investors