You did a media training course a few years ago but haven’t had the chance to put your skills into practice recently. Or, perhaps, you’ve refined and developed your Corporate Communications strategy and now it’s time to test your messages and interview skills. Then again, you might have thought of extra questions or seen interviews that have prompted new ideas.

Talking to the media can be risky

Whatever the reason for revisiting media training, our intensive refresher courses will remind you of the key points, give you some more practice in doing interviews and answer any questions you might have. Like all Communicate Media’s media training courses they’re created bespoke, so that they match your needs exactly.

For example, members of the board of an organisation which we trained three years ago recently came in again for an intensive half day session to refresh their skills, to test their key messages and to remind themselves of how journalists work and what makes a story.

As with any skill, doing a successful media interview is something that needs to be practiced and updated. Come and talk to us about our intensive refresher media training courses.

Media Training Refresher Courses

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How to get your message across and control a media interview. We’ll teach you how to engage with the journalist and make the most of this important opportunity while reducing your risk.

Our intensive courses, created to meet your exact needs, will hellp you to engage and persuade investors and the financial markets. Ideal for both PLCs and start-ups.

These intensive workshops have been developed for the leaders of organisations and businesses who want to raise their profile and influence the debate.

An intensive refresher for those who already have media experience. Remind yourself of the basics, practice the skills and update your techniques.

With our free post course telephone support service we’re here for you after you’ve completed one of our courses. We’ll give you a free refresher on the phone to get you up to speed again before a media interview.

A flexible media training drop-in clinic for your conference attendees. We set up shop at your conference venue and offer role play interviews and media advice to your delegates.

What does your target audience really think of you? How do you need to change your communications strategy? Our surveys show you what the media that you’ve been targeting really think of you.

You’ve worked for weeks on an issue, campaign or a product launch but how would a journalist report on it and what are the danger areas that you haven’t spotted yet?

How to protect your organisation from intrusive journalists.