What we can learn from a TV interview by the woman leading the search for a coronavirus vaccine

The woman doing the most important job in Britain right now delivered an excellent media interview last week. Professor Sarah Gilbert, a vaccinologist at Oxford University, is leading the research in the UK to find an effective vaccine for the coronavirus.  As a journalist who’s interviewed scores of doctors and scientists and as a media [...]

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Five mistakes that people typically make during virtual presentations and online meetings – and how to avoid them.

The current crisis means that all of us are suddenly holding more meetings and doing more presentations online. The number of daily active users on Zoom has increased by  378 per cent year on year on the 22nd of March. Meanwhile, its monthly active users have increased by 186 per cent, according to data from [...]

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Top tips on giving a memorable virtual presentation

The Coronavirus has prompted all kinds of organisations to ask us for advice on how to give a virtual presentation. The courses we provide that teach people how to deliver presentations on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing facilities have been growing in popularity over the last few years but over the last [...]

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Seven tips for better online media interviews

One of the most noticeable effects of the Coronavirus on business is an explosion of remote meetings using Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts and FaceTime. Microsoft Teams, for instance, has reported a remarkable 500% increase in usage since 31st January. However good the technology might be and however rapid its growth, many people are still struggling [...]

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Top Tips For Doing Media Interviews Remotely

Like everything else in society, the Coronavirus is having a profound effect on the news business. In particular demand for news, which has seen a slow decline over the last few years has suddenly experienced a significant spike.  The BBC News Channel, for instance, has enjoyed its largest weekly audience since 2015.  Meanwhile, Channel 4 [...]

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What should your coronavirus/COVID-19 statement say and how do you write one?

Another ping, another email, another statement about COVID-19. I’ve been writing a considerable amount of these statements over the last couple of weeks, as you can imagine. I’ve written position papers, crisis strategies and serious incident responses for all kinds or organisations over the last quarter century but this has led me into new territory. [...]

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Mistakes Lawyers Make in Media Interviews

Our media training courses for law firms are always positive, uplifting affairs. However, we do look at the mistakes that lawyers make when doing media interviews so that they can avoid them and learn and improve as the course develops. Having worked with a number of magic circle and silver circle law firms over the [...]

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Corona Virus Interview Blog

Unless you’ve been hiding under a stone on the planet Mars (where at least you’d be safe from infection), you’ll have heard that the country is braced for a rapidly increasing number of cases of Coronavirus.  As providers of media training courses, crisis communications courses and advisers on corporate message development and testing we’re always [...]

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Media training interview tips for fashion and clothing industry professionals

The fashion and clothing sector has always been fast moving and subject to constant change – that’s one reason why people love working in it.  With recent challenges such as the financial pressures on high street retailers, the difficulties of managing reverse logistics and a greater focus by governments and customers on the supply chain [...]

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Boost your confidence in presentations – lessons for Mark Zuckerberg

“He may have become a billionaire by the age of 23 but Mark Zuckerberg still used to get so nervous before public speeches that his PR team had to blow-dry his armpits before he went on stage,” The Times reported yesterday. Someone pointed it out in one of our presentation courses. Unlike the perspiration brought [...]

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