Six barriers to effective communication for architects

Essentially what we do as a company is to help architects and those who work for architectural practices to communicate more effectively with the people they need to talk to. This communication is often with journalists in our media training courses and crisis communications courses but it could also be communication with internal audiences within [...]

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Nelson Mandela’s widow shows how to do a great media interview

I was going to write my interview of the week blog about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s appearance on the Today programme on Friday but it was actually the interview that followed his that struck me as the more interesting.  It offers some useful insights from the point of view of media training and how to [...]

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Your spokespeople aren’t getting enough media coverage? Here’s why and how to fix it

Very often when we start one of our media training courses the PR professionals and Comms people that we work with mention that as well as handling difficult issues, on the proactive side, they’ve been struggling to create positive coverage.  This might include their efforts to “piggyback” off a running media story.   When a report [...]

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