As far as car crash TV interviews are concerned it was a corker

We often ask participants in our media training courses about media interviews that they’ve seen recently.  Which worked and which didn’t? we’ll ask.  More importantly we’ll look at why some were successful, and some weren’t. [...]

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Media training tips for Boris Johnson’s new spokesperson

If you’re looking for “a unique opportunity to work at the centre of government and communicate with the nation on behalf of the Prime Minister,” then you’ve got less than two weeks to apply to [...]

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Media coaching: can I sell my services in a media interview?

It’s a question that we’re frequently asked during our media training courses.  We’re specialists in providing media coaching for lawyers. Many of our clients also include those in the fashion and apparel business as well as [...]

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Media interview training – successful phone interviews with journalists

The chances of a journalist interviewing you on the phone were already increasing rapidly before coronavirus hit. Now it’s even more likely, as we point out to people in our media interview training. Although [...]

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Media coaching courses. Shock: politician concedes point during interview

The Chancellor did something on the Today programme that politicians almost never do - and as someone who has provided media training for politicians and other prominent people for many years, it warmed my heart [...]

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Downing Street’s new on-camera briefings – the lessons for media training and corporate communications

Downing Street is planning to overhaul the government’s communications operation and to move towards televised media briefings similar to those used at the White House.  The daily Coronavirus briefings which ended a few weeks ago [...]

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