Prince Andrew’s Story – A Journalists point of view.

Prince Andrew’s out of court settlement has grabbed the headlines this morning. Journalists worldwide, but especially in Britain, will be not just reporting on what has happened but will be asking about what this means [...]

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The Schonbach Scandal – Why the Vice Admiral has had to step down.

Another leader falls for the “I-didn’t-know-that-my-comments-were-going-to-be-made-public” trap. This week the leader of another organisation fell victim to the “I-didn’t-know-that-my-comments-were-going-to-be-made-public” trap. We often discuss it in our media training courses, especially when talking about live microphones [...]

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What might a Journalist ask me? A guide on answering media questions for Lawyers.

As the specialist Media Training company for law firms, we’re often asked during our Media Training sessions for lawyers about what questions they might get from a journalist. We know that lawyers like to be [...]

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New Year’s Resolution for 2022 – Improving Media Relations.

New Year’s resolutions are easy to think of and even easier to break; people lack the motivation to continue with their healthy eating or promise to drink less. Communicate Media want to ensure that your [...]

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