Media training tips: What colours should you wear on television?

We're always asked at some point during our media training courses about what to wear when doing a TV interview.  How you look during television interviews or presentations – and in particular the colours that [...]

Media training tips: five good things to say during a media interview and five comments to avoid

Most people are anxious about what they can and can’t say to a journalist during a media interview and that’s quite understandable. After all, once you’ve said it, it’s out there – read, listened to [...]

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Media coaching – do you have to answer a journalist’s question?

It’s always a big issue in media coaching – do you have to answer a journalist’s question?  As part of our media coaching sessions we’ll usually do a role play press interview with the participants.  [...]

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Anthony Scaramucci and that old question: “What does ‘off the record’ actually mean?”

“What does off the record mean?” is something that we’re frequently asked in our media training courses. I had this very same conversation last week with a group from a big law firm.  I explained to them, as I always do, what it means to me. 

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