The editor of the Daily Mail does a media interview – how did he perform?

There’s one publication that produces a shiver down the spine of participants in our media training courses  “I’d be a bit nervous about being interviewed by the Daily Mail,” they often tell us. Certainly, the paper that prides itself on being the voice of Middle England can be fierce and it’s prone to taking a [...]

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Another law firm suffers a cyberattack – how good was their response?

It’s happened again. This time it’s Chicago-based global law firm Seyfarth Shaw that has been subjected to a cyberattack.  According to the firm unauthorised activity was detected by its monitoring systems on Saturday. As the UK’s leading supplier of media training and crisis communications training for law firms, we’re always saddened to hear of these [...]

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Engineering good media coverage: James Dyson’s interview on the Today programme

Sir James Dyson is one of the country’s most innovative engineers and successful entrepreneurs but how good is he at media interviews?  We provide media training courses for designers and engineers and for the retailers that sell their products and so we were particularly interested to hear him on the Today programme yesterday morning. He [...]

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How one gym chain handled a social media storm

It was a serious error of judgment that provoked a Twitterstorm. “Here we go again,” you might think.  However, the anger directed at PureGym after one of its personal trainers compared his workout regime to the slave trade was fierce and particularly unwelcome for a business in a sector that has been struggling with the [...]

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Media training: what corporate communications experts can learn from the Trump Covid story

If you had any doubt that messaging and communications around Coronavirus is difficult, then just look at the confusion and chaos surrounding the condition of President Trump.  We spend quite a bit of time in our media training courses working with PR professionals and in-house communications teams to help develop, hone, and test their messages. [...]

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The Skills Minister shows what not to do if you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to

You’re doing a live broadcast interview and the presenter asks you a question that you don’t have the answer to.  What do you do?  This is one of the issues that we explore in our media training courses, in particular when we’re helping participants to develop confidence. One thing you don’t do is to do [...]

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How not to sound like a Politician

It’s something that we hear regularly during our media training courses. “I don’t want to sound like a politician,” participants tell us.  We can completely understand this, mainly since respect for our political leaders reaches new lows and more and more people switch off from listening to political interviews. As someone who has worked on [...]

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The joint MD of DLA Piper talks powerfully about social exclusion and provides useful insights for media interviews

We provide media training for a large number of law firms ranging from members of the magic circle to smaller, specialist organisations. That is why we’re always interested in media interviews with lawyers. During our media coaching sessions for lawyers we help them to gain more control of media interviews, to get their messages across, [...]

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Media training lessons from Kay Burley’s scrap with Matt Hancock over Tony Abbott

She’s known as one of TV’s toughest interviewers and Kay Burley is often cited in our media training courses as someone that participants would find it hard to face, especially in a crisis situation. Last week Burley, who has clocked more live hours of TV than anyone else (she claims that it’s more than a [...]

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Six tips to help lawyers to be better panellists

Every good conference these days need a panel discussion. One of the additional skills that we often look at during our media training courses for lawyers is how they can perform better during a panel discussion. Conference organisers like having lawyers on their panels because they provide factual information. Our tutors often act as chairs [...]

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