Virtual Media training courses and crisis communications courses
June 23, 2020

Media interviews conducted remotely – by phone, Zoom, Skype and other technology are on the increase.  Many print journalists are under too much pressure now to leave the office to conduct interviews and so a phone conversation as become the norm, as we explain in our print media training courses.

But new technology such as Zoom and enhanced audio and picture quality means that radio and TV producers are increasingly happy to take interviews remotely.  Better to get someone on the show quickly (and cheaply) they reckon, than to spend hours organising a crew to visit the interviewee in their office or home.

It’s hardly surprising then, that we’re doing more and more media training courses via Zoom.  Not only are they realistic but virtual meeting training courses are often more convenient for participants – especially as more and more of us are working from home these days.

Skype and Zoom media training courses can also be arranged very quickly.  Because we’re a niche, agile media training company, unlike the big agencies who have salespeople, account handlers and admin staff we can move quickly and give you exactly the course you want.

It’s 4pm and you’ve been asked to do BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning?  No problem.  The FT wants to speak to you in a couple of hours about the state of the markets?  We’re on it.  It’s 8am and you get a call from LBC asking if your client will do a turn on the lunchtime show?  That’s great – we’ll help them to develop and test their messages, handle any difficult question and polish up their delivery.

With Communicate Media the person you speak to about your course is the person who delivers it and so you get exactly what you want.

We’re the leading provider of media training for lawyers and we work with many magic circle and silver circle law firms.  We know that time away from servicing clients is precious and so our virtual media training courses for lawyers are quick, effective interventions that prepare partners, fee earners and other spokespeople for press, radio and TV interviews.  We also test newsworthiness and polish up presentation skills for legal podcasts.

Communicate Media’s flat structure also means that we’re far more affordable than the big agencies with their big overheads.  You pay for the training you receive and not the sales staff you don’t want and studios that you’re not using.

Our online media training courses start by looking at what makes at story and what will be going on in the mind of the journalist who’s interviewing you.  We’ll give you quick and effective preparation techniques – whether you’ve got a PR consultancy or a Comms team or not.  Then we’ll do a range of press, radio and TV interviews on the phone and via Zoom in different styles so that you or your client is all ready to go.  We’ll send you a detailed report on how you or your client did with specific, bespoke recommendations, all ready for your interview.

We’re also doing a growing number of crisis interview courses training by Zoom and other apps.  Our intensive crisis communications courses delivered by Zoom and phone begin with an explanation to the participants of how the media reacts during a crisis and what journalists are looking for to tell the story, based on their own experience as reporters covering crises.

Not only are all of our media trainer/journalists experienced crisis management consultants but they also have public relations experience.  This means that they have practical knowledge of handling media relations as well as crisis situations from all angles.

We’ll work with you before the course to create a realistic crisis scenario that is relevant to all the participants and gives them the opportunity to handle the crisis issue in an authentic interaction with the media.

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Our virtual and Zoom media training courses are realistic, bespoke to your needs, quick to turn around and cost effective.

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