What might a Journalist ask me? A guide on answering media questions for Lawyers.

As the specialist Media Training company for law firms, we’re often asked during our Media Training sessions for lawyers about what questions they might get from a journalist. We know that lawyers like to be prepared, and we emphasise during our training courses that preparation is the key to doing a good media interview. It [...]

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Here’s why the media likes bad news and how lawyers can turn it to their advantage during media interviews.

During our media training courses for lawyers, we usually start by looking at what makes a media story and what it is that interests journalists when they're carrying out interviews. We'll ask the participants to think about new stories they've read, heard or seen that day and analyse them to identify the raw ingredients of [...]

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Five things we learned from the Matt Hancock Media Frenzy.

Five things we learned from the Matt Hancock Media Frenzy. Five things we learned from the Matt Hancock media frenzy. Here we go again, former health secretary Matt Hancock fell on his sword on Saturday.  Confessional videos from government ministers, business leaders and other prominent people who have done something wrong and have been forced [...]

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What are the rules for crisis communication?

What are the rules for crisis communication? Ransomware attacks, allegations of bullying, Twitter storms – the world is becoming an increasingly risky place for all kinds of organisations. It's little wonder then, that at Communicate Media, we're doing an increasing number of crisis training communications courses. We help clients in sectors such as travel, finance, [...]

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How to get your message across in a media interview.

How to get your message across in a media interview. People who have done media interviews often tell us during our media training courses that they’ve been surprised by how speedy the interview process is.“I was only on for a few minutes and then they said, ‘Thanks very much,’ and it was over,” one course [...]

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Innovative lawyers – what the Financial Times Special Report tells us about law firms and media coverage

Last week the Financial Times (FT) published a Special Report on Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers. As a specialist media training company for law firms, we were particularly interested to see what issues were covered, how they were covered and who got a mention. “Innovative” is a great word for the media by the way – and [...]

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Media interview by design – Thomas Heatherwick on the Today programme this week

We provide media training and presentation training for architects and designers and so we were particularly interested in an interview that celebrated designer Thomas Heatherwick gave on the Today programme this week.  He’d been invited to talk about his radical new approach to car design. It didn’t start well.  But that wasn’t Mr Heatherwick’s fault [...]

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Media training for architects: Five things that you should never say to a journalist – and what you could say or do instead

As we explain in our specialist media training courses for architects, what you shouldn’t say or do to a journalist during an interview is as every bit as important as what you should say and do. So, here are our top media interview no-no’s – plus some suggestions about what you should say or do [...]

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Five ways an architect can increase the chances of a journalist getting their point and quoting them correctly.

Participants in our specialist media training courses for architects who have already had some experience with the media often complain that when they read the article that they’ve given a quote for the journalist they spoke to has not got their message and somehow grabbed the wrong end of the stick.  It’s annoying and disappointing [...]

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This week the Today programme featured an interview on the subject of Sir Lenny Henry’s open letter to the black community, calling on them to get vaccinated.

In the letter, which is signed by film stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton, author Malorie Blackman and radio DJ Trevor Nelson, Sir Henry acknowledges the “legitimate worries and concerns” that people have, adding: “We know change needs to happen and that it’s hard to trust some institutions and authorities.” Today asked two guests to [...]

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