How does Joe Biden’s speech compare to one delivered by the previous Democrat inhabitant of the White House?

It’s probably one of the most difficult speeches that any incoming president of the US has had to make. As a speechwriter, I often refer clients to President Obama’s first inauguration speech.  It’s a treasure trove of good speech content. There’s poetry, there’s the big picture, there are rhetorical flourishes and there are stories. It [...]

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How to gain control of a media interview

Who is in control during a media interview – the journalist or the interviewee? It’s a question that often comes up at the beginning of our media training courses. At Communicate Media we discuss the aims and objectives of our participants before we start.  Who is in the driving seat during an interview – and, [...]

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Media training interview tips for architects

The British fascination with homes continues and, if the government really does build the hundreds of thousands of new houses and flats that it has promised to build, then media interest in this area will grow. We provide media training for architects and interior designers and during our workshops we help them to do media [...]

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Media training tips: five good things to say during a media interview and five comments to avoid

Most people are anxious about what they can and can’t say to a journalist during a media interview and that’s quite understandable. After all, once you’ve said it, it’s out there – read, listened to or watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. In our media training courses people often express concern [...]

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