Informative and sympathetic – but two things were missing from a law lecturer’s BBC Breakfast interview

This morning BBC Breakfast explored the continuing fallout from the murder of Sarah Everard by talking to Jenny Barksfield, Deputy Chief Executive of the PHSE Association and Dr Jane Krishnadas, a Senior Lecturer in Law at Keele University.  The “one plus two” as it’s known in the trade, meaning a presenter plus two guests, is [...]

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Five ways in which lawyers can increase the chances of a journalist quoting them correctly.

Lawyers who have done our media training courses for law firms and who have had some experience with the media often mention this to us.  They’ve done an interview and then clicked on the outlet’s website to read the article only to find that the journalist they spoke to hasn’t got their message.  We’re talking [...]

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Charity spokeswoman shows how to avoid difficult, irrelevant questions

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on International Women’s Day Sarah Brown was thrown a number of questions by Piers Morgan that had little to do with what she was booked to talk about – and that risked drawing her into controversy.  We provide media training for charities and prominent spokespeople.  Charities like the fact that [...]

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Five things that a lawyer should never say to a journalist

At Communicate Media we use working journalists, operating under strict NDAs.  The fact that our trainers are out there working in the fast changing world of the media means that they can bring their direct, current experience to bear when we do our media training.  It keeps their recommendations and advice up to date but [...]

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Does tonight’s Harry and Meghan interview have anything to teach those working in media training and corporate communications?

It might be a tabloid sensation but does tonight’s Harry and Meghan interview have anything to teach those working in media training and corporate communications? At Communicate Media, we work with everyone from celebrities preparing to do interviews to launch films and books to law firms who might be called on to comment on an [...]

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The BRICS man comments on the Budget – how did he do?

Among the army of commentators invited by the media to give their views on yesterday’s budget was Jim O’Neill.  The former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and former Conservative government minister is one of the country’s foremost economists and the man behind the phrase “the BRICs”. His economic credentials are impressive but how did [...]

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Why journalists like bad news – and how you can benefit from this

It’s a question we’re often asked during our media training courses when we look at how journalists work and what makes a story. We hand out some newspapers (remember those) and ask the participants to flick through them and think about what they’ve heard on the radio, seen on television or picked up from their [...]

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In Praise of Jargon

OK, I’m being deliberately controversial there with my headline but when is it OK to use jargon in a media interview? We often find our journalists having this discussion with participants at the start of our Media Training Courses and our Business Writing Courses.   The Telegraph makes great fun last week, of Matt Hancock’s liberal use [...]

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How lawyers can quote figures more effectively during media interviews and presentations

As the leading media training and presentation consultancy for law firms we quite often find that lawyers participating in our media coaching sessions have to mention figures.  It might be sums of money or the growth rate of a particular business sector.  The lawyers we train can also find themselves talking about issues such as [...]

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10 things you should never say to a journalist – and what you could say or do instead.

We've had a bit of fun with this one!  All of our media trainers are working journalists and so when we asked them which phrases or comments really annoyed them or caused them to roll their eyeballs when they’re out in the field reporting, the answers came back thick and fast. What not to say [...]

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