As far as car crash TV interviews are concerned it was a corker

We often ask participants in our media training courses about media interviews that they’ve seen recently.  Which worked and which didn’t? we’ll ask.  More importantly we’ll look at why some were successful, and some weren’t. “How was the party? I wasn’t invited,” Ellen DeGeneres said to Dakota Johnson in the notorious interview last year.   The [...]

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Media training tips for Boris Johnson’s new spokesperson

If you’re looking for “a unique opportunity to work at the centre of government and communicate with the nation on behalf of the Prime Minister,” then you’ve got less than two weeks to apply to become Boris Johnson’s spokesperson. The job, as advertised on the Conservative Party LinkedIn page, mentions "essential skills" include "excellent risk [...]

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Media coaching: can I sell my services in a media interview?

It’s a question that we’re frequently asked during our media training courses.  We’re specialists in providing media coaching for lawyers. Many of our clients also include those in the fashion and apparel business as well as in retail generally.  We also do media coaching that is tailored to meet the needs of architects.  Our course participants [...]

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Number 10 bans certain media from its briefings. So what happens if you fall out with a journalist?

Following their well publicised falling out last week it’ll be interesting to see how relations between the Number 10 press office and the lobby fare over the next few days. One of the issues we often look at during our media courses is what to do when relationships between an organisation and a journalist come under [...]

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Jess Phillips on Andrew Marr – the media training lessons for corporate spokespeople

And they’re off! A clutch of Labour politicians have thrown their hats into the ring to succeed Jeremy Corbyn and yesterday on Andrew Marr, outsider Jess Phillips made her first major pitch for the job. We always make the point in our media training courses that most interviewees and spokespeople for organisations will not be [...]

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Lawyer Tips: Do’s and don’ts of dealing with reporters

At Communicate Media we provide media training for law firms in London, throughout the UK and around the world.  The solicitors and barristers that we work with have interesting topics to talk about and they’re lively and challenging media training course participants.   Having said that, we’re always aware that lawyers and journalists are very [...]

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Three ways to capture a crowd – useful techniques to engage your audience

It’s a tough challenge and it’s getting tougher – how do you capture the attention of your audience during a presentation or media interview and retain it?  Our attention spans are notoriously becoming shorter than ever.   One of the things that participants always ask for during our presentation training and media training courses is [...]

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Media training courses: the difference between a press and a broadcast interview?

During our media training courses people often ask: “What’s the difference between a press and a broadcast media interview?” Well, the chances are that even these days you’re more likely to do a print interview and that’s why we offer special press only courses.  Not only do they suit many clients’ budgets but, realistically, they [...]

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Your spokespeople aren’t getting enough media coverage? Here’s why and how to fix it

Very often when we start one of our media training courses the PR professionals and Comms people that we work with mention that as well as handling difficult issues, on the proactive side, they’ve been struggling to create positive coverage.  This might include their efforts to “piggyback” off a running media story.   When a report [...]

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Media training tips: What colours should you wear on television?

We're always asked at some point during our media training courses about what to wear when doing a TV interview.  How you look during television interviews or presentations – and in particular the colours that you wear - has a major impact on the impression that your audience takes away. You might be speaking eloquently in [...]

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